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Web Presence

To compete in yesterday's market, your organization needed a website. To compete in today's market, your organization needs an effectively designed website which is capable of sales, advertising, re-marketing efforts, and customer service. Your online sales efforts need to be integrated with your offline sales efforts, to maximize your market potential, and it needs to look good. No matter your organization's size, target demographic, or industry, you need a website that captivates viewers and compels them to do business with you, and then constantly reminds your customers to do business with you.

A web presence should not be only a marketing tool, it should also solve real business problems; an effective web presence can increase communication within your organization, and between your customers and your organization.

Aside from increased necessity for a web presence, today's technology has provided new ways to access the web. Not only can your desktop or laptop access the web, PDA's and cell phones now offer access to the Internet, so we design our websites and tools to be forwards and backwards compatible with all types of technology.

A strong web presence emphasizes design choices appropriate to your target audience and should easily solve complex technology issues like Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, and tracking a user's path through your site. A properly designed website should integrate with other tools, including newsletters, mailing lists, analytical tools, and offline customer records.

We are familiar with the technical and marketing requirements that need to go on your website to make it successful.

Please contact us today for a free evaluation of your website project.
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