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TimeForge is an online employee web scheduling platform designed to quickly create the most effective schedule every time you schedule employees. TimeForge will increase your business' profits by ensuring that labor costs are kept to a minimum, and reduce communication errors between management and staff, and eliminate confusion about scheduling.

Although TimeForge will work with many different employee scheduling scenarios, it is ideal for businesses who do shift scheduling, such as the retail, hospitality, and medical industries. Businesses who have a combination of shift schedules and fixed schedules will also recognize significant benefits from using the software.

TimeForge is quick to set up, simple to use, and always reliable. You can make and post schedules from any location and your employees can view their schedules from every location. In fact, TimeForge can notify employees of their upcoming schedules by automatically sending them emails - there is never a reason for an employee to miss a shift.

The TimeForge setup wizard will walk you through the setup of your business the first time you use it, or you can fax our friendly staff a copy of your existing schedule, and we will input it for you. After your initial set up, our reliable support team is available to answer any questions that you might have.

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